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Finding Cruelty Free Bargains

Comparing Leaping Bunny brands with drugstore brands, you find that prices are about the same for skin care; but for hair care and makeup, Leaping Bunny brands tend to be much pricier than drugstore brands. Good value can still be found, though, through value brands such as Kiss My Face and Desert Essence, and by buying at discount stores.

Value Brands

Here are good value brands that combine good products with drugstore prices.

Skin Care

For skin care, many Leaping Bunny brands are equivalent in quality and price to drugstore brands. Here are just a few: Acure, Alba, Andalou, Avalon, Beauty without Cruelty, Bulldog, Desert Essence, EO, Jason, Nutribiotic, Queen Helene, and SebaMed (at Walgreens and CVS). Prices tend to be about the same in this group, with cleansers retailing for about $10/8 oz and moisturizers retailing for about $15-$25/2 oz (prices are lower online).

Moisturizers have some excellent bargains, for example:

  • Desert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer, for normal skin, is $7.99/4 oz retail, and online for about $5.
  • EO Everyone Face - Moisturize, for normal to dry skin, is $9.99/8 oz retail, and online for about $8.
  • JASON Revitalizing Vitamin E 5,000 IU Creme, for dry skin, is $9.99/4 oz retail, and online for about $6.
  • Kiss My Face Everyday Moisturizer SPF 15, for normal to dry skin, is $14.99/6 oz retail, and online for about $10.

For sun screens, Alba has great value sun screens, and they are one of the most widely available brands. Choose one with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone to make sure you are getting full spectrum protection (they have some that don't). Alba sun screens are at natural grocery stores, many chain drugstores, Target, Kroger, and some Walmart stores. Kiss My Face sunscreens are also a great value with excellent, full spectrum formulations, but a little harder to find.

For body care, such as body lotions and washes, the best bargains are the products that come in 32 oz or more, such as the EO Everyone line and the Alba body washes and lotions.


For makeup, the cruelty free value brands are e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face), BH Cosmetics, and Milani. E.l.f. is the most widely available, found locally at Walmart and Target, and online at Milani is available locally at CVS, Walmart, Kroger, and Kmart and online at BH Cosmetics is available online at These brands are cheap even for drugstore brands, at $2-$8 for most items (even foundations), and many of their items get good reviews.

Another good value brand is Everyday Minerals, which is available online at their own site,, and at the discount retailer

Hair Care

Cruelty free hair care has no equivalents to drugstore prices, which can be as low as $5/32 oz, but Nature's Gate comes close. It has the large, 32 oz sizes that are the best deals. Nature's Gate doesn't sell the 32 oz size on its own web site, but natural grocery stores often carry the 32 oz size, and the 32 oz sizes are available online at many retailers. Nature's Gate shampoos and conditioners retail for $7.79/ 18 oz and $12.89/32 oz, but are available on line for about $5/18 oz and $10/32 oz.

Another bargain is EO's Everyone Soap, which can be used as a body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath. It retails for $9.99/32 oz, and online discount stores have it for $7.34/32 oz.

Midrange brands, which retail typically at $6-$10 for 8-12 oz are ShiKai, Giovanni, Desert Essence, Andalou, Alba, and Avalon Organics.

For styling products, it's tough to find really cheap brands. Brands with moderate prices are Alba, ShiKai, Andalou, Desert Essence, and Giovanni. Their styling products are typically $10/7 oz retail and online for about $6.

For online stores that carry these brands, see Stores with Best Selection. For local stores, see Local Stores in Small Urban and Rural Areas and Local Stores in Large Urban Areas.

Discount Stores

The best prices are usually online, at discount retailers that typically have prices 20%-40% below retail. These beat even Walmart and Target on price. Discount sites with a good selection of Leaping Bunny brands are,,, and See Stores with Best Selection for the brands carried at these stores.

Shipping is low and often free at a low threshold, so don't let concerns about shipping put you off from online shopping. For example,'s maximum shipping is about $3 and free for orders above $20; at, shipping is $4.99 max and free for orders above $49. If you have Amazon Prime, you get free 2-day shipping on all orders (annual fee applies).

If you show the online price to your local store, some will now match it. This is an increasing trend, and is certainly worth a try.

Catching Sales

Most stores, whether brick and mortar or online, have a newsletter that alerts subscribers to sales. If you find a store or web site you like, sign up for its newsletter and buy when they have sales.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: Mention of companies and web sites does not imply endorsement by me or this site. Please make sure you are comfortable with a company before purchasing from it online. A good resource for this is the Better Business Bureau. I own, but in this article, I have tried to set aside that role and write only as a consumer looking for the best products at the best prices.

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