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The Leaping Bunny Logo is a registered certification mark of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.
The Choose Cruelty Free logo is a registered trademark of Choose Cruelty Free, Australia.

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Finding that Bunny Logo in Stores

Finding Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free products on the shelves can be hard, because their logos are often on the back label in teeny tiny type. You have to pick up every item and check its label, keenly aware of your family shuffling their feet behind you. In the US and Canada, the Leaping Bunny logo is more common; however, many Leaping Bunny certified brands don't display the logo on their label.

Leaping Bunny's free shopping app can make this easier. It lets you scan the bar code of any product to learn if it's Leaping Bunny certified. Download the Leaping Bunny app for iPhones and iPads here. Download it for Android here.

Here's another way to make your search easier, and at the same time alert your store manager to make cruelty free brands easier to find:

  • Print the list of Leaping Bunny brands (get it here).
  • Take the list to your store manager or to the department manager, and ask if they carry any of the brands.
  • Ask the manager to please show you where they are on the shelves.

This does two things: You find the products faster, and you alert the manager that customers are looking for cruelty free products. If the manager has to walk people to the products many times, you will soon see sections clearly labeled as cruelty free. You may also find the manager starts stocking more Leaping Bunny brands.

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