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Check Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger Marketplace, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and regional chains like Meijer and Sprouts.

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Where to Shop in Small Cities/Rural Areas

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Last updated July 24, 2016

Key Takeaway

In smaller cities and rural areas, your best options for cruelty free shopping are the following national chains and regional stores.

Selection varies from store to store, so call before you go. Choose the Store Locator link to get the phone number for the store nearest you.

National Chains

Vitamin Shoppe. Largest selection. Store Locator

Kroger Marketplace. Excellent selection. Name must be "Marketplace" (regular Kroger stores have little selection). Also operates under regional names, e.g., Fry's Marketplace. Store Locator

Target. Typically 6-12 brands. Store Locator

Walmart. Typically 6-12 brands. Store Locator

CVS Drugstores. Typically 6-12 brands. Store Locator

Walgreens Drugstores. Typically 6-12 brands. Store Locator

Rite-Aid Drugstores. Typically 6-12 brands. Store Locator

Regional Stores

Sprouts (AL, AZ, CA, CO, GA, KS, MO, NM, NV, OK, TN, TX, UT). Excellent selection. Store Locator

Meijer (IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI). Typically 6-12 brands. Store Locator

Local Co-ops and Health Stores Locate through and Coop Directory Service.

Vitamin Shoppe has largest selection Store Locator

Often overlooked, Vitamin Shoppe is in many smaller US cities, including those with population of 50,000 or so. It has great selection - see the pic we snapped in the Ft Wayne, IN, store. They are also a large online retailer, and if their local stores don't have what you need, they can order it for you or have it shipped directly to your home.

Leaping Bunny Brands at Vitamin Shoppe
Vitamin Shoppe in Ft Wayne, IN, October 2015. A large choice of Leaping Bunny brands, and they can also order many other brands for you from their online store.


Kroger Marketplace also has excellent selection Store Locator

Kroger Marketplace is part of the national Kroger family of grocery stores, which serve many mid and small markets. The Kroger Marketplace stores have a large selection of Leaping Bunny brands. Some stores rival Whole Foods in their selection, like the Ft Wayne, IN, shown here with an aisle full of Leaping Bunny brands. Only the Kroger stores with "Marketplace" in their name have the large selection.

Kroger owns many regional chains, too, such as Dillons in Kansas, Fry's in Arizona, King Soopers in Colorado, and Smith's in New Mexico and Utah. In these regions, Kroger retains the regional names, but they still include the term "Marketplace" to designate the expanded stores, e.g., King Soopers Marketplace or Smith's Marketplace. Kroger's store locator shows all the regional names, as well as the Kroger names.

Leaping Bunny Brands at Kroger Marketplace
Kroger Marketplace in Ft Wayne, IN, June 2016. More than 20 Leaping Bunny brands!


Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid have some Leaping Bunny brands

These large chains typically carry Alba, Avalon, Burt's Bees, Jason, J.R. Watkins, Mrs. Meyers, and a few other brands. A Target in Ft Wayne, IN, for example, also had Acure Organics, Andalou, Dr Bronners, Giovanni, It's A 10, Tom's of Maine, and Yes to; and a Laramie, WY, Walmart also had Tom's of Maine and Yes to.

Here are the store locators for these chains:
Target locator
Walmart Locator
Walgreens Locator
CVS Locator
Rite Aid Locator

Leaping Bunny Brands at Target
Leaping Bunny brands at Target in Ft Wayne, IN, June 2016: Acure Organics, Alba, Andalou, Avalon, Burt's Bees, Dr Bronners, Giovanni, It's A 10, Jason, J.R. Watkins, Mrs. Meyers, Tom's of Maine, and Yes to
Leaping Bunny Brands at Walmart
Leaping Bunny brands at Walmart in Laramie, WY, June 2016: Alba, Avalon, Burt's Bees, Jason, J.R. Watkins, Tom's of Maine, Yes to


Find cruelty-free makeup at Walgreens, CVS, Kroger Marketplace, Target & Walmart

Some Walgreen's carry cruelty-free makeup brands Milani and Jordana. CVS and Kroger Marketplace carry Milani. To see if your local drugstore carries Milani or Jordana, check Jordana store locator and Milani store locator.

Target and Walmart carry e.l.f. makeup, which has been certified cruelty free until just recently, when it failed to renew it. I spoke with e.l.f., and they explained that it was an oversight and that they will be renewing it. Here is the e.l.f. store locator.

Jordana Display at Walgreens
Jordana display at Walgreens in San Mateo, CA.
Milani Display at Walgreens
Milani display at Walgreens in San Mateo, CA. Kroger Marketplace and CVS also carry Milani.
e.l.f. Display at Walmart
e.l.f. display at Walmart in Laramie, WY. Target also carries e.l.f.


Local Co-ops and Health Stores.

Co-ops and health stores may carry cruelty free brands, so if you have one in your area, it's worth calling them. can help you locate such a store. Most entries are for North America and for restaurants, not shopping, but they do locate vegetarian stores in many small cities. Also check Coop Directory Service, which lists US co-ops.

Looking for a Specific Brand?

To locate a specific brand, check the Brand Finder here on this site for a store locator link. In the Brand Finder, each brand listed has a link to its store locator, if it has one. Many are more broadly distributed than you would expect.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: Mention of companies and web sites does not imply endorsement of them. Please make sure you are comfortable with a company before purchasing from it. A good resource for this is the Better Business Bureau.

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