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Switching to Cruelty Free without Breaking the Bank

If you have to shop online, a big concern is the expense of trying multiple products before you find one that works for you. Here are sites that can help you learn about and compare the different products:

  • This site probably has the largest compilation of consumer reviews of makeup and personal care products (skin care, body care, hair care, nail care), including men's products. Many Leaping Bunny brands have substantial numbers of reviews here. You need to become a member, but it's free.

  • Reviews at large online retailers: Check reviews at,, and These large sites have tens to hundreds of reviews for products, including many products from Leaping Bunny brands.

  • Beauty bloggers whose focus is cruelty free: They cover cruelty-free products with in-depth articles and reviews of beauty and personal care products. The following blogs are great resources for product reviews and suggestions:
    My Beauty Bunny
    Je t'aime by Hotashi - from the Canadian perspective
    Phyrra - A beauty & lifestyle blog
    Buying Cruelty Free
    Logical Harmony - vegan as well as no animal testing

It's a time consuming process to search through so many products and reviews, but it does get easier once you get more familiar with the brands.

Trying Samples

Ability to try samples is on many people's wish list. If you narrow your interest to a few brands, try calling them directly and asking them for assistance, including with any samples they can provide. Brands will often have samples in-house that aren't available to retailers. Brands don't provide packaged samples to retailers for most products, and retailers can't easily create individual samples themselves, especially when they carry thousands of products - it would be a logistical nightmare. Brands, on the other hand, have just their own products to manage and sample out.

If a brand doesn't have samples, look for travel sizes or travel kits of their products. This can be a relatively cheap way to try products.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: Mention of companies and web sites does not imply endorsement by me or this site. Please make sure you are comfortable with a company before purchasing from it. A good resource for this is the Better Business Bureau.

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