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About This Site

Overcoming Challenges to Going Cruelty Free

White Rabbit Beauty and Leaping Bunny asked this question on Facebook:

What is your biggest challenge to going cruelty free?

The question received more than 1,300 responses, which fell into these categories:

  • Availability, especially local availability
  • Cost
  • Selection
  • Finding truly cruelty free products, including free of animal-derived ingredients.

These challenges became the inspiration for this site. This site, hosted by White Rabbit Beauty LLC, is a resource for overcoming the challenges to going cruelty free:

  • Availability: It shows where you can buy each brand, locally and online.
  • Cost: It gives the price range for each brand, so you can narrow your search to match your budget.
  • Selection: For each brand, it gives the product types they sell.
  • Finding truly cruelty free (for example, vegan) products: Brands with vegan products are marked, and you can choose to display only brands with vegan products. Other aspects of cruelty free, such as brands using only sustainable palm oil, are more difficult to determine for now, but will be added as that information becomes available for more brands.

In addition to vegan, you can view brands with gluten-free products, certified organic products, or sensitive-skin products (fragrance free formulas with few ingredients).

Affiliate Links Support the Site and Send a Message to the Market

The site piggybacks on White Rabbit Beauty's hosting to save costs, and much of the initial development time was donated. There are ongoing costs, however, and to cover those, the site may have affiliate links to stores that sell the brands. When you click an affiliate link to go to a store, this site gets a small commission on any purchases you make at that store within a set time (typically, 7 days). You aren't charged more - the commission comes from the store's profit. Affiliate links are generally the brand promotions on the left side of some screens. Please support this site by using the affiliate links.

Choosing an affiliate link, or any link, has another important purpose. It tells the store that you came from Bunny Army, letting them know that cruelty free is a priority for you. Voting with your dollars is the best way to influence retailers to stock more cruelty free products.

Add Your Experience to the Community

Please contact us with suggestions for how the site should evolve. Please also add your experience directly, by writing product reviews for the Leaping Bunny or Choose Cruelty Free products you've tried. You know how much you rely on product reviews when buying. Please help others by adding your own reviews to the site. You can submit a review for any product, even one not listed, by choosing the Submit Review button at the top of any Product Reviews page, or just click here.

Please also alert us to any errors or outdated information you find on brands and products, using the Send Comments button at the top of each page, or you can report an error here. We try to keep up with all the changes at brands, but this is a fast moving industry, and we know we'll miss some changes. With your help, we can keep the information up to date.

This site is dedicated to the animals who have lost their lives to assure our safety, and to you, the cruelty free community, who are giving them a voice and leading us to find a better way.

The Editor

I'd like to introduce myself to you. I'm Jean Knight, and my background is environmental engineering. My bachelor's degree is from MIT and my master's degree is from Stanford, both in engineering. I worked first for the US Environmental Protection Agency, then with consulting engineering firms, where many projects were hazardous waste cleanups. The work directly involved public health and risk assessment, which turned out to be good boot camp for Bunny Army, because that's really what cosmetics testing is all about.

In 2003, a battered red tabby staring from a cage led me to focus on animal testing. He wasn't a laboratory animal, but his situation triggered an old, very disturbing memory of a research laboratory I had seen in college. I rescued Plano, and he is doing fine, if 18 pounds of cat is the gauge!

My first small step was to look for cosmetics that weren't tested on animals. In 2003, it was difficult. That led me in 2004 to start White Rabbit Beauty, a store for brands that don't test on animals. It was a White Rabbit Beauty/Leaping Bunny survey on Facebook, asking "What is your biggest challenge to going cruelty free?", that led to this Bunny Army web site. When you start on a path, you never know where it will take you!

As an animal advocate, I clearly have a point of view, and I know that can lead to bias. I promise you that I will stay keenly aware of that. I may advocate for a position, but I will make sure my facts support that position. My science and engineering background keep me grounded in this regard. In that work, you must let the data unfold and tell the story. If you don't, and you decide that something must be obviously true and expect the data will support you, you can be sure the data will make you look foolish.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. The site is run on a shoestring, so I may not be able to do everything you hope, but much can still be done on a shoestring! Most of all, I hope this site makes it easier for you to shop cruelty free and make your voice heard, in the marketplace and in legislative halls. Industry listens when consumers speak, and legislators listen when industry and their constituents speak.

I am proud to serve in this army with you!

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Notice: This site was developed and is hosted by White Rabbit Beauty, LLC, a retailer, as part of a broader public goal to make cruelty free products more accessible. We strive to make this an independent resource for cruelty free consumers. Here, we take the consumer's point of view, enabling you to find the best cruelty free products at the best prices at as many stores as possible. The site also has a direct advocacy role, providing news and information to help you take action to end animal testing.