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Makeup artist Yisell Santos sorts CF foundations for you

Born and raised in NYC, Yisell has been in the industry since 2004. Her extensive portfolio includes work in print publications, TV, film, music videos, and bridal. Currently, Yisell is based in Gainesville, Virginia and divides her time between NYC & Washington, DC. Visit Yisell at

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Cruelty Free Foundations

A Makeup Pro Helps You Find Your Match

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Find Your Match

Use the model photos to find the skin depth closest to yours: rich, deep, tan, medium, light, or fair. Then, below the model, choose the button with your undertone: cool, neutral, or warm. You'll get a list of cruelty-free, vegan foundations most likely to match your skin. Yisell is adding more every month.

Cool undertones are pink, blue, and red. Warm undertones are yellow, golden, and olive. Neutral undertones are in-between - they don't lean toward cool or warm.

Rich-Cool Foundations Deep-Cool Foundations Tan-Cool Foundations Medium-Cool Foundations Light-Cool Foundations Fair-Cool Foundations
Rich-Neutral Foundations Deep-Neutral Foundations Tan-Neutral Foundations Medium-Neutral Foundations Light-Neutral Foundations Fair-Neutral Foundations
Rich-Warm Foundations Deep-Warm Foundations Tan-Warm Foundations Medium-Warm Foundations Light-Warm Foundations Fair-Warm Foundations

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