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Glamour Dolls Lashlight Mascara

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Review: Glamour Dolls Lashlight Mascara

by Yisell Santos


Color: Black

Vegan: Vegan

MSRP: $4.99

Size:0.25 oz/7.5 g

Applicator: Standard, medium size brush. The tube is mirrored, a nice touch for applying mascara on the go.

Manufacturer's Product Description: Glamour Doll's Mascara leaves your lashes looking full & fab without the clump.

Test Results

  Experiment Result
  10 hour wearheld up
  Joggingheld up
  Doing everyday chores in the homeheld up
  Running outside errandsheld up
  Sitting in a steamy bathroom
(to simulate humidity)
held up


Clumping: None. Lashes were nice and feathery.

Smudging: None.

Curl: Some curl, mostly in the beginning after application; after a few hours, the curl had fallen.

Length: Some if you really get into the base and shimmy the wand back and forth a few times.

Thickening: Only if I apply a third coat, but I'd be careful here: the formula is somewhat sticky, and too much will clump.

Volume: Some, but again, only with a second to third coat.

Longevity: Lasted all day.

Ease of Use: Because the formula is somewhat sticky, it's a little difficult to apply, and you really have to get in the base of the lashes to get the results you'd like.


Pros: Held up all day, which is really impressive considering that it's not waterproof.

Cons: The formula is a little sticky, and that makes it a little difficult to apply.

End Result: Overall, I liked this mascara. Because the formula is stickier, that's what makes it hold up in all the scenarios listed. For it being stickier, I was pleasantly surprised that my lashes were soft and not clumpy. It's wonderful for everyday wear if you want a little something on your lashes without it being too much, and if you don't mind putting a little extra work into applying it.

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