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Research News on Animal Testing Alternatives


Non-animal methods for the most difficult tests may be getting closer. By Eddy Ball, Environmental Factor, Jan 2015.
While many animal tests have been replaced by alternative methods, the reproductive toxicity animal tests have been difficult to replace, because our reproductive systems are so complex. Finding non-animal models to mimick the process has been elusive. FemKube and DudeKube may be the long-sought breakthroughs. Read article.


L'Oreal develops alternative method for skin irritation test in China, using Asian skin model. By Katie Anderson, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Oct 8, 2014.
The Chinese Episkin model is a human epidermis model reconstructed from Asian keratinocytes, produced by the L'Oreal Advanced Research Laboratories in China. Episkin is used to validate the safety of cosmetic products and ingredients without animal testing. Read article.


L'Oreal, EPA collaborate to build animal-alternative test methods. US EPA Press Release, March 12, 2012.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and L'Oreal announced a research collaboration to develop animal-alternative toxicity tests to ensure the safety of cosmetic products to human health. L'Oreal is providing the EPA $1.2 million in research funding plus safety data from representative substances from the cosmetic industry. Read press release.

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