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About Bunny Army

A resource to make cruelty free shopping easy & make our army of voices against animal testing heard in the marketplace

Overcoming Challenges to Going Cruelty Free

In 2015, White Rabbit Beauty and Leaping Bunny asked this question on Facebook:

What is your biggest challenge to going cruelty free?

The question received more than 1,300 responses, which fell into these categories:

  • Availability, especially local availability
  • Cost
  • Selection

These challenges became the inspiration for this site, a resource for overcoming the challenges to going cruelty free.

Your Bunny Army Tools

The most powerful tool is Brands For Me, a search tool that lets you find Leaping Bunny brands that meet your budget and lifestyle needs (e.g., vegan or gluten free). The search results will show you

  • Availability: Where you can buy each brand, locally and online.
  • Cost: The price range for each brand (you can narrow your search by price range to match your budget).
  • Selection: Product types sold by each brand.
  • Lifestyle Options: If the brand has clearly identified products that are vegan, gluten-free, or certified organic
  • Sensitive Skin Options: If the brand has products that may work for sensitive skin (fragrance free formulas with few ingredients).

Where To Buy has quick guides to stores, online and locally, that carry a good selection of Leaping Bunny brands. It lists the selections at each store, and is updated about quarterly.

Articles and Lists give more specific information, especially for hard-to-find products, that can help you identify brands for what you need. Mascaras! is its own special section, because survey respondents named "good mascara" as the top hard-to-find item when switching to cruelty free.

This site is dedicated to the animals who have lost their lives to assure our safety, and to you, the cruelty free community, who are giving them a voice and leading us to find a better way.

The Editor

Bunny Army Editor

Hello, I'm Jean Knight, editor of Bunny Army. My background is environmental engineering, with degrees from MIT and Stanford in civil engineering. I worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency and later for engineering firms, often on hazardous waste cleanups. These involved public health risk assessments, which was good boot camp for Bunny Army, because that's really what cosmetics testing is all about.

In 2003, a battered red tabby staring from a cage led me to focus on animal testing. His situation triggered an old, very disturbing memory of a research laboratory I had seen in college. I rescued Plano, and he was my guiding light for the journey that was to follow.

My first small step was to look for cosmetics that weren't tested on animals. In 2003, it was difficult. That led me in 2004 to start White Rabbit Beauty, the first online store for Leaping Bunny brands.

It was a White Rabbit Beauty/Leaping Bunny survey on Facebook in 2015, asking "What is your biggest challenge to going cruelty free?", that led to this Bunny Army web site. White Rabbit closed, happily, in 2017, because such a store was no longer needed (that's why it closed happily!). Bunny Army continues White Rabbit's mission now, to make cruelty shopping as easy as possible.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. The site is run on a shoestring, so we may not be able to do everything you hope, but much can still be done on a shoestring!

Most of all, we hope this site makes it easier for you to shop cruelty free and make your voice heard, in the marketplace and in legislative halls. Industry listens when consumers speak, and legislators listen when industry and their constituents speak.

I am proud to serve in this army with you!

  • Loving companions, not experiments.

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