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Ask Major Companies and Trade Groups to Support an Animal Testing Ban

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Industry has a major role whenever legislation is written. With competing bills being introduced to Congress - one that would require animal testing of cosmetics and one that would ban animal testing, you can be sure industry is weighing in on both. Industry is also highly sensitive to customer perception, so your voice can influence the stance they take on these proposed bills.

Context: What's happening in industry now?

Here is a little background for the letter:

  • For routine safety tests like eye and skin irritation, animal tests have been replaced by alternative methods nearly everywhere now, including at major cosmetics companies like L'Oreal and Procter & Gamble.

  • Animal testing continues mainly for unique new ingredients, because currently, no alternative test methods exist for the long-term studies recommended for unique ingredients.

  • Unique new ingredients are almost always developed by large cosmetics companies, because only they have the resources. That's why they are the ones still conducting animal testing. On the other hand, L'Oreal and Procter & Gamble are leading the industry in development of alternative methods. They currently fund research at the EPA, Johns Hopkins, and elsewhere to find alternatives to the long-term studies. Consumer sentiment is a major reason for this.

As consumers, we can let industry know that we'd rather wait on unique ingredients until alternative test methods are available, and we can urge industry to lead the effort to ban animal testing of cosmetics.

Industry Contact Information

Here is the contact information for the industry trade groups and for major cosmetics companies, and a sample letter that can work for either trade groups or individual companies.

Trade Groups
Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors
President/CEO Pam Busiek
21925 Field Parkway, Ste 205
Deer Park, IL 60010
Personal Care Products Council
President/CEO Lezlee Westine
1620 L Street, NW, Ste 1200
Washington D.C. 20036
202-331-1770 (general number), no email provided

Large Cosmetics Companies
Procter & Gamble
301 E 6th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Send an email
L'Oreal USA
575 Fifth Av
New York, NY 10017
Send an email
1501 Williamsboro St
Oxford, NC 27565
Send an email
New York, NY
212-282-7000 (general)
800-445-2866 (Product
Information Center)
Send an email
Estee Lauder
767 Fifth Av
New York, NY 10153
877-311-3883 (general)
212-572-4200 (corporate)
Send an email
Johnson & Johnson
One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 08933
Send an email
Mary Kay
16251 Dallas Pkwy
Addison, TX 75001
Send an email
USA Office
800 Sylvan Av
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Canada Office
160 Bloor St E, Ste 1500
Toronto, ON M4W 3R2
USA: 800-298-5018
Canada: 416-964-1857
Send an email

Sample Letter to Trade Groups and Companies

Dear ___________,

[If writing to Procter and Gamble or L'Oreal, may want to start with something like this: Thank you so much for your industry-leading efforts to find alternatives to animal testing and to fund research in this critical area.] I am concerned that animal testing of cosmetics continues, despite the public's desire to end this cruel practice and despite experts' concerns that animal tests don't well predict human response.

I appreciate that you want to investigate new ingredients that may benefit us, and I understand your need to test such new ingredients for safety. For me and others, however, a new ingredient is not worth the price of animal lives, no matter how great the benefit to us. If you cannot research an ingredient without animal testing, please do not research it. Please wait until alternative methods are available. We are happy to wait on the next best thing until alternative methods are available, too.

I urge you to instead lead the industry in lobbying the US Congress for a ban on animal testing of cosmetics. A ban on animal testing of cosmetics has been introduced into the US Congress. It is called the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2858). Polls show that most consumers want a ban on animal testing of cosmetics. A ban would also drive innovation in this area, as the EU ban did, getting us to new, better safety tests more quickly. In the bigger picture, this will benefit us much more than another new ingredient.

[Your name]

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