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Bunny Army 101: Here's What You Can Do At This Site


  • Brand Finder: Find the brands that match your needs and budget. This tool lets you filter brands by any combination of vegan, gluten free, organic, suitability for sensitive skin, and price range. Each brand listing has its contact information, product types, and where to buy it online and locally. Choose the More Info link to see its shipping policy and special notes. For example, if you've sorted for sensitive skin, the More Info link also identifies the products that may be suitable for sensitive skin. The Brand Finder currently lists 120 of the 300+ Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free personal care/cosmetics brands, and more are added each week (the goal is to have all added by January 2016).

  • Product Reviews: Read user reviews to gain insights into the products. View user reviews at Bunny Army or at third-party sites, such as blogger sites and Makeup Alley. You can also submit your own product reviews, which is a big help to others.

  • Color Encyclopedia: Find your best makeup matches for foundation, lipstick, and mascara. For foundation, view foundations by skin tone (fair, light, medium, tan, deep, rich) and undertone (cool, neutral, warm). For lipsticks, view them by shade, for example, Purples or Reds. For mascara, view a makeup pro's evaluation of performance and characteristics, for example, ability to lengthen or curl lashes.


  • Stores: Connect to online and local retailers who carry the brands. This lets you get to the right store quickly.
    It also helps the animals, because the retailers see the referring site is Bunny Army and so know that cruelty free is a priority for you, and so should be a priority for them, too. If you visit them from a Google search, they just see Google as the referring site, with no information that cruelty free was important in your choice.

  • Shopping Tools: Compare retailers' selections and find who has your brands. If you shop locally, get shopping apps that identify cruelty free products on the shelves from their bar codes.

  • Shopping Tips: Get answers to FAQs about cruelty free shopping.


  • Learn: Get background on cosmetics testing and proposed legislation.

  • Write/Call: Get everything you need to ask decision-makers in government and industry to end animal testing: contact information, context, and sample letters.

  • News & Features: Get the latest news on cosmetics policy and research from around the world, and feature articles on current topics.

And with beautiful simplicity, even just choosing a link to a retailer or brand here is direct action that helps animals. Each time you visit them from Bunny Army, it's like saying "Hi, I've come to your site because I've heard you have cruelty free products." That's a message we want to send, because industry responds to consumer demand.

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Notice: This site was developed and is hosted by White Rabbit Beauty, LLC, a retailer, as part of a broader public goal to make cruelty free products more accessible. We strive to make this an independent resource for cruelty free consumers. Here, we take the consumer's point of view, enabling you to find the best cruelty free products at the best prices at as many stores as possible. The site also has a direct advocacy role, providing news and information to help you take action to end animal testing.