Cruelty Free Shopping Guide

Self Tanners and Bronzers for a Summer Glow

Cruelty-Free Self Tanners & Bronzers

Self tanners (also called sunless tanners) and bronzers give you a sun-kissed glow without the damaging sun rays. Self tanners work by a chemical reaction that temporarily (for a few days) darkens the skin's surface. Most use dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a sugar that is FDA-approved as a color additive in sunless tanners. Bronzers are simply tinted lotions or oils, and they wash off.

Most brands listed here give light to medium tan looks; for darker shades, see Tanceuticals. Alba botanica, Beauty by Earth, and Whish are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. Tarte, Tanceuticals, and Pacifica are PETA certified.

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Self tanners can be tricky to get even coverage, so be sure to follow label directions carefully. The Mayo Clinic also has good application tips and precautions. Keep in mind that color additives in sunless tanners and bronzers may transfer to clothing or sheets.

Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner

alba botanica Sunless Tanning, vegetarian, 4 oz, $8-$12 typical

Shop online at: albabotanica.com (product info only) and at iHerb.com, LuckyVitamin.com, Target.com, Vitacost.com.

Shop locally at: Major drugstores and natural grocery stores. Find local stores.

Beauty by Earth Sunless Tanner

Beauty by Earth Self-Tanner Mousse and Self-Tanner Lotion, both vegan, 7.5 oz, $31

Shop online at: beautybyearth.com and Grove.co (lotion only).

Shop locally at: Boutique stores. Find local stores.

Jane Iredale Self-Tanner and Bronzer

Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion in Light, Dark, Ultra Dark, vegan, 4.2 oz, $35

For darker tans, this is the brand.

Shop online at: tanceuticals.com.

Tarte Brazilliance Self-Tanner

Tarte Brazilliance PLUS+ Self-Tanner, vegan, 5.5 oz, $39; 1.7 oz, $15

Shop online at: tartecosmetics.com and at Dermstore.com and ULTA.com.

Shop locally at: ULTA. Call first to verify they have it. Find ULTA stores.

Note: Tarte is owned by a parent company that is not certified cruelty free.

Whish Self-Tanner

Whish Coconut Milk+Verbena Self Tanner Lotion, vegan, 5 oz, $30

Shop online at: whishbody.com.

Shop locally at: Boutique stores. Find local stores.

Pacifica Bronzing Oil

Pacifica Sea & C Glow Bronzing Body Oil SPF 20, vegan, 4 oz, $16
Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen SPF 30 Water Resistant, vegan, 6 oz, $16

These are bronzers, not sunless tanners, and even have sun protection.

Shop online at: pacificabeauty.com

Shop locally at: Target, ULTA, Whole Foods, other natural food stores. Call first to see if they have the bronzing oil.

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