Cruelty Free Shopping Guide

3 Easy Actions You Can Take to Help End Animal Testing

Help End Animal Testing

Small actions lead to big changes. Here are simple actions you can take that will make a difference.

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1. Tell stores when you buy cruelty free from them!

Tell Stores You Buy Cruelty Free

Let them know how much you appreciate their cruelty free selection. If at a local store, speak with the store/department manager. If buying online, call or write their customer service. Telling is so important. It lets stores, and cosmetics companies, know what influences your buying decisions. They pay attention to that!

2. Tell the cosmetics industry that innovative new ingredients aren't worth the cost of animal lives.

Tell Industry to Invest in Alternative Methods

Innovative bioactive ingredients are a main reason animals may still be used in cosmetics testing. Industry believes such ingredients are important to customers. We must let them know we don't want them at the cost of animal lives. Here's the contact info for the two industry trade groups and for several influential companies. Be sure to be respectful, because they believe they are doing what we consumers want. Here's an example message, too, but it's best to use your own words.

Example message:
Dear ______:
I am concerned that animal testing of cosmetics continues, despite the public's desire to end this cruel practice.

I appreciate that the cosmetics industry wants to investigate new ingredients that may benefit us, and I understand the need to test such new ingredients for safety. For me and others, however, a new ingredient is not worth the price of animal lives, no matter how great the benefit to us. If you cannot research an ingredient without animal testing, please do not research it. Please wait until alternative methods are available.

I urge you to instead lead the industry in developing alternative methods. In the bigger picture, this will benefit us much more than another new ingredient.


Independent Beauty Association (IBA)
President Dr. Ken Marenus
Send an email
Personal Care Products Council (PCPC)
President/CEO Lezlee Westine
Send an email

Procter & Gamble
Send an email
L'Oreal USA
Send an email
Send an email
USA: 800-298-5018
Canada: 416-964-1857
Send an email

3. Donate $10 to Alternatives Research & Development Foundation (ARDF) to help find alternative methods.

Donate to Research

No alternative methods exist for tests that evaluate carcinogenicity and other long-term effects. That's why those innovative ingredients just mentioned may still have animal tests. ARDF is a highly respected organization that provides research grants for alternative methods. They are affiliated with the American Antivivisection Society, which also houses Leaping Bunny. You can donate through PayPal at the bottom of ARDF's home page.

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