Cruelty Free Shopping Guide

10 Goth & Unicorn Brands That Are Certified Cruelty Free

Cruelty-Free  Goth & Unicorn Makeup

Goth, with its dark eye/lip palette against pale skin, and Unicorn, with its rainbow palette and iridescents, are opposite in spectrum, yet brands that break the color mold often have shades that work for both. The brands listed here either specialize in Goth or Unicorn or simply have a good selection of fantasy colors. All are Leaping Bunny or PETA certified, free of animal testing.

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Quick Look:

  • Brands for Goth: Black Moon, Concrete Minerals, Jeffree Star, KVD Vegan Beauty (Kat Von D), LunatiCK, Manic Panic, Medusa's Makeup, Melt
  • Brands for Unicorn: Concrete Minerals, Jeffree Star, Lime Crime, Manic Panic, Medusa's Makeup, Melt, Sugarpill
  • Brands with Unicorn Hair Color: Lime Crime, Manic Panic
  • Bargain brands: Concrete Minerals, LunatiCK Cosmetics Lab, Medusa's Makeup
  • All-vegan brands: Black Moon Cosmetics, Concrete Minerals, KVD Vegan Beauty, LunatiCK Cosmetics Lab, Medusa's Makeup
  • Brands available locally: KVD Vegan Beauty (Sephora), Lime Crime (ULTA, Urban Outfitters, Riley Rose), Sugarpill (ULTA, Riley Rose). Call first to make sure store has your item.

1. Black Moon Cosmetics, $$

For Goth

Products: Specializes in Goth. Eye shadows, highlighters, lip color, lashes. All-vegan brand.

Shop online at: blackmooncosmetics.com.

Certification: Leaping Bunny, PETA.

2. Concrete Minerals, $

For Goth & Unicorn

Products: Mainly eye shadows, with great black and dark shades for Goths, and pastels (and bolder rainbow colors, too) for Unicorns. Luminous and matte shades. All-vegan brand.

Shop online at: concreteminerals.com.

Certification: Leaping Bunny, PETA.

3. Jeffree Star, $$

For Goth & Unicorn

Products: For Goth and Unicorn. Huge liquid lipstick range, with shades for both looks. For the Goth eye, check the Beauty Killer eye shadow palette. For Unicorn, check the Thirsty palette. Nice selection of highlighters for Unicorns, too.

Shop online at: jeffreestarcosmetics.com and at Beautylish.

Certification: Leaping Bunny, PETA.

4. KVD Vegan Beauty (Kat Von D), $$-$$$

For Goth

Products: Full makeup line with large selection good for Goth (of course!). Huge range of lip color. All-vegan brand.

Shop online at: kvdveganbeauty.com and at Sephora.com.

Shop locally at: Sephora. Find local stores.

Certification: PETA.

5. Lime Crime, $$

For Unicorn

Products: Unicorn brand with eye shadows and lip color, and one of the few with unicorn hair color.

Shop online at: limecrime.com and at PlanetBeauty.com, RileyRose.com, ULTA.com, UrbanOutfitters.com.

Shop locally at: ULTA, Urban Outfitters, Riley Rose. Find local stores. Call store first to make sure it has your item.

Certification: Leaping Bunny. Note: Lime Crime is owned by a parent company that is not certified cruelty free.

6. LunatiCK Cosmetics Lab, $-$$

For Goth

Products: For Goth. Mainly eye shadows, including coffin palettes, and contours. Small selection of lip color. All-vegan brand.

Shop online at: lunaticklabs.com and at WTCosmetics.com (Canada).

Certification: PETA.

7. Manic Panic, $$

For Goth & Unicorn

Products: For Goth and Unicorn. Known for hair color, from pastel to intense, including colors that glow under black light. Good makeup selection especially for Goth, including eye shadows, lashes, foundation (including Vampyre's Veil white pressed powder and Goth White cream/powder foundation), lip color, nail polish. Unicorns may like some of the lashes and lipsticks, including lipsticks that match hair colors. To find the makeup on the site, choose Shop All from the main menu.

Shop online at: manicpanic.com and at SallyBeauty.com (hair products), Target.com (hair color), ULTA.com (hair products).

Certification: PETA.

8. Medusa's Makeup, $-$$

For Goth & Unicorn

Products: For Goth and Unicorn. Eye shadows (great selection), lip color, mascaras. Unicorns will also like the glitters and highlighters. Monthly Beauty Box subscription available. All-vegan brand.

Shop online at: medusasmakeup.com

Certification: PETA.

9. Melt Cosmetics, $$-$$$

For Goth & Unicorn

Products: Great shadows and lip color for Goth. Shadows known for great pigmentation. Shadow stacks especially popular. Fewer choices for Unicorn, but some lipsticks could work, and also check the highlighters. Most products vegan, marked in More Info tab.

Shop online at: meltcosmetics.com and at CameraReadyCosmetics.com, BeautyBay.com

Certification: Leaping Bunny, PETA.

10. Sugarpill, $$

For Goth & Unicorn

Products: Unicorn especially, but also good for Goth. Eye shadows, lip color, eye lashes. Most items vegan, marked in product description.

Shop online at: sugarpill.com and at BeautyBay.com, Beautylish.com, RileyRose.com, WTCosmetics.com (Canada).

Shop locally at: ULTA, Riley Rose. Find local stores. Call store first to make sure it has your item.

Certification: PETA.

Photo credits for banner photos: Goth: © Chaoss; Unicorn: © Sanja Baljkas.

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