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How to Search

Choose as many options as desired across all groups, then choose the Go button. Brands that match your choices will appear in the list below the Go button.

The results appear instantaneously, and it can seem nothing happened but it has! You'll know because the results show yellow highlights wherever your chosen product types appear.

More info about the search groups

  • Product Types: Choose one or more product types to view brands with ANY of those types.
    Ex: Choose Body and Hair to find brands with Body products OR Hair products.

  • Prices: Choose one or more price options to view brands in ANY of those price ranges.
    Ex: Choose $ and $$ to find brands with prices $ OR $$.

  • Preferences: Choose one or more Preferences options to view brands with ALL those options.
    Ex: Choose Vegan and Organic to find brands that are both vegan AND organic.

For example, if you choose Body, Hair, $, $$, Vegan, and Organic, the search will give you brands with:
Body or Hair products that cost $ or $$, that are both vegan and organic.

Note: In the Product Type group, the Eye Care option finds brands with a range of eye creams and also brands with eye care like eyedrops and contact lens solution. These brands also appear if you choose the Face product type, but we added this option to make it easier to find brands with the best eye care selection.

What Vegan, Vegetarian, and Organic mean

A brand must be 100% vegan or 100% vegetarian to be included as vegan or vegetarian. If it was unclear from the web site, we confirmed the status by email. We also spot-checked brands for common non-vegan/non-vegetarian ingredients that brands often don't realize are non-vegan/non-vegetarian.

Most vegetarian brands are mostly vegan, too, having just a few products with a non-vegan ingredient, usually beeswax or honey. Also, most brands that aren't marked vegan or vegetarian have many products of both, just not 100%, so it's worth checking other brands, too.

For organic, a brand must be seriously trying to source organic, and most of its ingredients must be organic. This involves a judgment call, because sourcing "organic" has no straightforward path yet.

What the Price options mean

Price options are based on the following approximate price ranges:

  • $: Under $5/typical size for hair, body, nail care. Under $10/typical size for face care, makeup. Under $15/oz for fragrance. Under $0.10/oz for household.
  • $$: $5-$15/typical size for hair, body, nail care. $10-$25/typical size for face care, makeup. $15-$35/oz for fragrance. $0.10-$0.20/oz for household.
  • $$$: $15-$25/typical size for hair, body, nail care. $25-$50/typical size for face care, makeup. $35-$75/oz for fragrance. $0.20-$0.30/oz for household.
  • $$$$: Over $50/typical size for face care, makeup. Over $25/typical size for hair, body, nail care. Over $75/oz for fragrance. Over $0.30/oz for household.

A plus sign (+) following the $, $$, $$$, or $$$$ symbol means "and higher". For example, $$+ means the brand has products in price range $$ and higher. Usually, it's just the next range up. If a brand has a dramatic difference in prices between its products, we separate the products into individual entries in the database. For example, Bellapierre has two entries: Bellapiere Makeup, which is $$, and Bellapiere Skin Care, which is $$$$.

Cruelty-free certifications

Most brands listed here are certified by Leaping Bunny or Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), which is Australia's standard. These are the gold standards for no animal testing. The remaining brands are certified by PETA and are included either because the brands fill a niche that isn't well-covered by the Leaping Bunny/CCF brands or because the brands have good local availability, which is important for rural and smaller urban areas.

Our database contains many brands, but many more are certified by Leaping Bunny and you can find them all at leapingbunny.org.

Please forgive any mistakes. All research and periodic review for this is done by one person, me, and I know I may miss details. If you find a mistake, please alert me and it will get fixed.

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