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Mascara Tips

Yisell's Top Mascara Tips

Here's how to get great-looking lashes, and as importantly, keep your eyes safe! Makeup pro Yisell shares mascara tips from her 10+ years of work in film, TV, print & bridal.

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  1. A thin wand is best. It lets you get into the corners of your eyes and reduces clumping from too much mascara on the wand.

  2. Use two coats. For the first coat, apply from lash base to lash tips and wiggle brush back and forth horizontally.

  3. Use the second coat to complement your eye shape: For wide-set eyes, make them appear closer set by applying more mascara to the inner lashes. For close-set eyes, make them appear wider set by applying more mascara to the outer lashes. And for narrow or small eyes, make them appear larger by applying more mascara to the center lashes.

  4. Whether you wear your mascara 1 time or 50 times, once it's opened, the 3 month ticker starts. Replace all mascara within 3 months after opening it.

The main health issue for mascaras is eye infections. Here are 3 things NOT to do:

  1. Never apply mascara while moving (even if you're just a passenger). Most infections happen when the eye is scratched by the mascara wand, and then the germs on the wand infect the scratch.

  2. Don't pump the wand. It introduces more germs from the air.

  3. Don't add water or other liquid to a dry mascara. It introduces germs and also may interfere with the preservative system, a double whammy.

Yisell Santos MUA

Born and raised in NYC, Pro MUA Yisell has been in the industry since 2004. Her portfolio includes work in print, TV, film, music videos & bridal. Visit Yisell at yisellsantosmakeup.com.

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